Sunday, January 2, 2011

internet marketing = efficiency + effectiveness

Efficiency =
get money from the internet can do internet marketing, and you can do without getting out of chairs, use of time, cost and energy saving should be more clear than before using the internet access for business, we can see in a conventional business channel product distribution as follows: producer => distributor => Consumer
after knowing the online business channel of distribution to be short
producer => Consumer
then the price should be cheaper

effectiveness =
above already mentioned earlier that the transaction can be done without having to move from the place, could reduce congestion, a lot of time at home (time flexible), in terms of marketing reach will be broad, if initially only on an island so after the online business become familiar with inter-island transaction not even a possibility to be exporters (global market) so it should implement an internet marketing / lead 2 things are, if not, there should be evaluation of the pattern ... it works!